Jewel C. Scott, Esq.
Former District Attorney of Clayton County Jewel Scott has been admitted to practice law in Georgia, New York and the Caribbean. The law firm’s primary practice areas include Criminal Law, Family Law, Personal Injury and Civil Litigation. Actions include Criminal Defense, TPOs, Divorce and Custody, Legitimation and Modifications, Expungements, Landlord and Tenant Matters, Personal Injuries and other areas of general practice.

Ms. Scott served as District Attorney of Clayton County, Georgia from January 2005 to December 2008. Elected to office in July 2004, she made history when she simultaneously became the first female and the first African-American District Attorney of Clayton County. As District Attorney, Ms. Scott was responsible for prosecuting all serious felonies committed in Clayton County and her jurisdiction extended to all felonies committed at the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, which is the busiest airport in the world. Ms. Scott’s personal philosophy is that justice must be balanced with fairness.

During her first few months in office, Ms. Scott implemented the first Deferred Prosecution Program in Clayton County. The program allowed first time, non-violent offenders to complete an intensive program aimed at rehabilitation and empowerment so that offenders could make better choices and lead productive lives without the hindrance of a felony record. With a staff of approximately 70 people, she successfully coordinated the transition of her office and for the first time in that office hired African American female investigators.

Ms. Scott also started the first Junior Assistant District Attorney Summer Internship Program that graduated approximately 6 teenagers each summer. These teenagers, some of them “at-risk teens” learned first-hand about the criminal justice system and how it impacts people’s lives. Many evinced aspirations of pursuing law enforcement careers after their experience in the District Attorney’s Office.
As District Attorney, Ms. Scott initiated the Clayton County Chapter of the Boys to Men Program that focused on mentoring young men without male figures in their lives. This program focused also on reducing the number of young men that would come into the criminal justice system. While in office she was able to increase the convictions for crimes against women and children especially for rape and child molestation and in certain years achieved a 100% murder conviction rate. She also worked tirelessly with other community organizations to try to reduce incidents of domestic violence and murders caused by domestic violence.

Ms. Scott is a member of the Georgia Bar Association, the Clayton County Bar Association, the New York Bar, the Turks & Caicos Bar and the Jamaica Bar Association. She is a community educator frequently talking with young people to deter them from a life of mediocrity and crime. She is also a frequent radio guest speaker on issues related to the law.

Prior to becoming District Attorney, Ms. Scott worked as a staff attorney with the Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc., providing free legal services to the Clayton County and metro Atlanta community. She represented indigent clients in such matters as Family Law, Education Law, Landlord Tenant Law, Employment Law and Elder Law. She has also worked as a staff attorney with New York City Office of Legal Affairs and New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation litigating conservatorships and mental hygiene cases for clients with mental impairments.

Ms. Scott is a graduate of the Mercer University Law School, (Walter F. George Law School) having received her Juris Doctor there. She also holds a Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of the West Indies Law School and an advanced degree, Certificate of Legal Education from the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica.


Cali Excellence for the Future Award, Law & Lawyering

Mercer University School of Law

Certificate of Appreciation for work in the field of Domestic Violence

Association of Battered Women of Clayton County, Georgia

Certificate of Service for Outstanding Leadership in Action in Community

Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Recognition for Commitment and Reliable Representation of Clayton County’s Interest

Juvenile Court, Clayton County, Georgia

Award for Outstanding work on Child Fatality/ Child Abuse Review Board

Georgia Department of Human Resources

Parents of Murdered Children Award for Support and Dedicated Service

Parents of Murdered Children

Appreciation Award for Outstanding Services to Clayton County, Georgia, Community

Clayton County Community Services Authority Inc.

Agent for Change Award

Village of Hempstead Inc., New York

Professional Commitment to Families, Schools and Community

Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, Atlanta Field Division

Distinguished Community Service Award

Rainbow Push Coalition




  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Immigration Law
  • Domestic Relations
  • Criminal Law
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Immigration Law
  • Domestic Relations
  • Criminal Law
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Education Law
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Mental Health Law
  • Elder Law


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